About Xi'an

Xi'anXi'an, the historical city, was called Chang'an in ancient times, and is now the capital of Shaanxi province. It is a traditional city with a very long history over 3000 years. From the 11th century BC onwards, Xi’an or its vicinity has been established as the capital city by 13 kingdoms or feudal dynasties successively, including the Zhou, the Qin, the Han, the Sui and the Tang. Xi’an marked the start point of the world-famous Silk Road. It is regarded as one of the “Four Ancient Civilizations of the World”, together with Rome, Athens, and Istanbul. Walking around this old city is like going through thousands of years back in history. It is a major attraction to foreign tourists, famous for its historical remains, and also for its characteristic traditional folk artworks and flavorous food.


There are sharp distinctions among seasons in Xi'an. The average temperature in October is 20 oC, ranging from 15 – 30 oC. The average relative humidity is ~70%, with 50 mm average rainfall in October.