Large-scale Volcanism in the Arctic: The Role of the Mantle and Tectonics


Format & Schedule

The scientific program is live! A program book is also available. A PDF of all abstracts has been created.

Sunday, 13 October is an arrival day and will include a welcome lecture and opening reception. Monday, 14 October and Tuesday, 15 October will be full days of oral and poster sessions. Wednesday, 16 October will have a morning sessions and a half day field trip. Thursday, 17 October will have a full day of oral and poster sessions. Friday, 18 October is a half day. The conference will adjourn after lunch.

The conference will span five days with a plenary morning session of invited and contributed talks. Invited keynote talks will be 30 minutes and other oral presentations (from submitted abstracts) will be 15 minutes. All attendees will be required to contribute either a talk or a poster. Afternoons will include a second round of plenary talks followed by posters and/or breakout sessions according to themes. A final session on the fifth day will integrate a summary of the breakout groups and plans for the future. An optional post-conference field trip of around 2 days will complement the conference discussions.

The meeting will have 5 main thematic sessions

  1. Theme I: pre-breakup and rifting
  2. Theme II: seafloor spreading
  3. Theme III: mantle-derived heterogeneity (including plumes and large-igneous provinces)
  4. Theme IV: subduction related volcanism
  5. Theme V: HALIP and environmental effects.
The thematic sessions will include invited and contributed papers including those from early career scientists. The sessions will be interdisciplinary and combine presentations of the various disciplines including contributed talks and poster sessions. The poster sessions will start with voluntary 2-min speed talks, designed to foster discussions and information exchange.

Field Trip

A two and a half day post-conference field trip to selected sites in southern Iceland, ending in Reykjavik, is being arranged. More details will be added shortly.