Scientific Challenges Pertaining to Space Weather Forecasting Including Extremes

Chapman on Scientific Challenges Pertaining to Space Weather Forecasting Including Extremes


About the Meeting

2-Space_weather_effects_ESA386008_500x347.png We are bringing together the solar and geospace communities to review and advance our  scientific understanding of solar-terrestrial relationships as they relate to forecasting space weather, from moderate to extreme conditions. Recent years have brought significant new developments in modeling, observations, and scientific understanding to research that pertains to space weather, as well as renewed interest in space weather extremes. Despite its being a long-standing goal of the Space Physics and Aeronomy (SPA) community, forecasting space weather remains a grand challenge. This Chapman Conference is to create new community perspectives that will accelerate space weather forecasting as a scientific discipline, and address the barriers that currently exist in its development. There is an urgent need to develop approaches for predicting space weather extremes. The outcome of this meeting will be guidance for the community on new research directions to pursue that will yield significant  scientific benefits and the potential for societal benefits as well. 

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