Understanding Carbon Climate Feedbacks

Understanding Carbon Climate Feedbacks


About the Meeting

FIgure3.jpgUncertainties in the future trajectory of the Earth System stem largely from a lack of quantitative, mechanistic, and process-level understanding of the natural and human-perturbed carbon exchange processes that regulate the interannual-to-decadal atmospheric CO2 growth. Despite a great deal of  progress on the characterization of carbon-climate feedbacks across diverse aspects of the terrestrial, oceanic, and anthropogenic carbon cycles, there remain on the integrated roles of forcings and feedbacks in the evolution of atmospheric CO2.The overarching aim of this conference will be to bring together different pieces of the carbon-climate puzzle and to reach a community consensus on the large-scale efforts required to fundamentally advance carbon-climate feedback research.

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  • Scientific Program is Live!

    The scientific program is now live.
  • Registration is Open

    Registration is now open! The deadline to register is 30 July.

Contact Info

For information about the scientific program please contact one of the conveners. Junjie Liu, Anthony Bloom, and Nicholas Parazoo.

The conveners would like to thank Ball Aerospace for their generous support of the conference.
The conveners would like to thank NSF for their generous support of the conference.
The conveners would like to thank NASA for their generous support of this conference.