Who Should Attend

Chapman on Scientific Challenges Pertaining to Space Weather Forecasting Including Extremes

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Who Should Attend

1-auroralGSFC_20171208_Archive_e002107_orig_500x316.jpgWe invite participation from all SPA disciplines (solar/heliosphere, magnetosphere, aeronomy) and other disciplines relevant to forecasting space weather. These include nonlinear geophysics and atmospheric science, where knowledge resides on the predictability of complex geophysical systems. We invite participation by data scientists active in the AGU section of Earth and Space science informatics.

To remain focused on the unique challenges of space weather forecasting, we hope scientists participating in the conference can bring unique perspectives most relevant to predictability of the complex space environment. We are interested in the full set of physical phenomena relevant to space weather forecasting, including:

  1. The solar environment, from sub-surface to a few solar radii
  2. Processes in transit from sun to the Earth and the planets
  3. Solar energetic particles: modeling and predictability
  4. Coupling of geophysical processed in geospace: Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere
  5. Lower atmospheric effects on geospace