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Mobile App

AGU Events App for the TESS Meeting

The AGU Events App for the TESS Meeting is now available! The app is your resource to navigate the TESS Meeting program from your mobile device.

Browse and Search the Program

  • Quickly access the full scientific program, workshops, and events.
  • Browse and filter by day, scientific discipline, and session type.
  • Use time blocks in the schedule to browse morning or afternoon sessions by day and session type.
  • Browse full-text abstracts.
  • Search the comprehensive authors/chairs index.

Create Your Personal Agenda

  • Already started a schedule in the online planner? Sync your schedule with the online planner using your AGU email and password.
  • Build your schedule and add personal meetings/events to complete your customized agenda.
  • Tap the calendar icon or press and hold an event to add it to your schedule.

Other Features

  • Helpful Information section with important details about meeting services.
  • Take notes and share them via email.
  • Find and message other logged-in attendees.
  • Receive alerts for important updates while on site at the meeting.
  • Work offline! Search and browse sessions, and build your schedule without an Internet connection. Some features, like itinerary login, Twitter feed, and other web links, require Internet connection.

Search Tips

  • Narrow your search by excluding keywords using a minus (-) sign.
  • Look for a precise match by using quotes (“ ”) around search terms.
  • Press “Find More” to view additional results, if any.
  • Collapse results sections (e.g., Program, Authors, and Abstracts) you are not interested in by tapping/clicking the collapse icon.
Notes/Known Issues for Android Operating System Users:
  • In order to set up the app, the Android operating system will require you to accept location tracking to proceed. However, once the app has been set up, you can disable tracking, and it will not affect the core functionality of the app. Steps to do so are listed below.
  • Android users may have difficulty logging out of the app. To completely end your session, you will need to log out and force stop. Instructions to do so are below.

Location Tracking Information for iOS Users:

When you first open the app, you will be asked if the app can track your location. This functionality is not required to use the app. To enable or disable this functionality later, utilize the steps listed below.

Android - Log out and Force Stop Instructions
Log Out
1. On Home screen, click "More" in the bottom task bar
2. Tap "Login Settings"
3. Tap "Log Out" button
4. Tap "Synchronize" button to sync your data
5. Tap "Log Out" button
6. Look for green "You are logged out" at top of screen to confirm logout

Force Stop
1. Go into your Android Settings
2. Go into Apps
3. Find AGU Events in downloaded apps list and select
4. Tap "Force Stop" button at top of screen

Android - Location Services Feature
In order to download the AGU Events app and access the TESS Meeting, Android users will see the below notifications:

If you choose to NOT allow the app to access your location, and would like to turn off this feature, please complete the following steps:
1. Go into your Android Settings
2. Tap Connections
3. Find "Location" and make sure slider/button is turned to off
4. You are now able to use the app without the location services feature.

Apple - Log Out Instructions
1. On Home page, tap "More..." located in the bottom taskbar
2. Scroll down and select "Login Settings"
3. Tap "Log out"
4. Tap "Synchronize" button to sync your data
5. Select "Log out" again
6. Look for "You are logged out" in green, at top of screen to confirm logout

Apple - Location Services Feature
After downloading and opening the AGU Events app for the first time, Apple users will receive a permission request for Location.

By allowing access, the app will enable location-relevant alerts. Users can restrict access by only allowing the app to access your location while using the app or selection never. To adjust your location setting configurations, please go to your iOS Settings, and then the AGU Events app.