Science and Society Dialogues

Science and Society Dialogues

Science & Society Dialogues

In 2022, the AGU Science and Society (SY) section initiated a dialogue series to engage with a broad community of people (beyond AGU Fall Meeting participants) who are interested in science and society issues. In the 2022 edition of the SY Dialogues, we introduced the SY tracks through a series of interactive discussions with experts in the areas of art and science, science policy, community and citizen science, science communication and social and behavioral sciences. The 2023 edition of our conversations featured cross-cutting discussions relevant to all tracks on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) as they relate to important and timely Science and Society relevant themes.

Dialogues 2023

Science and Society Dialogues

Dialogue 1

Leveraging Science to Take Action for Social Justice: Conversations from the Field

Mon 18 September 2023 |  1-2:30pm ET | Online

Watch the video recording | Also check out the full AGU Science and Society YouTube playlist

Description: Scientist-community partnerships can make both research and advocacy more impactful by leading to more effective and equitable policy change. This session will feature the variety of ways in which scientists and social scientists are using their expertise in service of community-based organizations who are leading advocacy efforts for more evidence-based and justice-centered environmental policies and outcomes. We will also highlight ways in which community-based organizations are involving scientists and social scientists in their advocacy work to make policy change.


  • Isatis Cintrón Rodríguez
  • Micaela Martinez 
  • Morgan Zabow
  • Deb L. Morrison

Contact: Haley Crim

Science and Society Dialogues

Dialogue 2

Fostering Social Justice Allyship and Solidarity Across the Sciences

Wed 27 September 2023 |  1-3pm ET | Online

Recording not available.
Discussion notes may be available soon.

Description: The session explores the concept of allyship and how individuals and communities can support each other as they pursue social justice principles through their research and teaching–especially focusing on how folks are cultivating and fostering such alliances. We will also discuss ways to build stronger alliances across different scientific and epistemic communities.


  • Donna Ford
  • Karen Bailey
  • Jabari Jones
  • Seigi Karasaki

Contact: Urooj Raja

c Donna Ford
Jabari Jones Seigi Karasaki

Dialogues 2022

Did you miss Dialogues 2022?

No problem, you can watch the video recordings on our AGU Science and Society YouTube Playlist here and each video link is below. Work at the science and society interface benefits from increased awareness of, and research in, how to share science, collaborate with the arts, inform policy making, and effectively work with communities and decision makers. The AGU Science & Society (SY) Dialogues series held from July to November 2022 aimed to share knowledge in these key areas, which also align with our SY Tracks.

Dialogues 2022 Video Recordings