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WV NASA EV-3 Announcement

By Joseph Woo posted 04-14-2020 21:06

Please find the following message from Alan Stern, Chief Science Officer and a co-founder of World View, a high altitude research and commercial applications ballooning company based in Tucson.

"Stratollites are high-altitude solar-powered platforms that can support several of the focus areas of NASA’s Earth Venture Mission (EVM) 3 program via payload TRL raising for risk reduction and/or by providing measurements with adjunct calibration or science measurements to augment EVM-3 satellites.  Stratollites use lift, ballast, and winds at different altitudes to control trajectory and to loiter in areas of interest. Stratollites can carry up to 100 kg and 300W of payload.  In addition to TRL-raising, Stratollite applications for EMV-3 support could include in situ and remote sensing measurements of atmospheric composition, weather, carbon cycle, water and energy cycle, and climate variability and change. For more information, see or contact Alan Stern,"
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