Early Career Seminars

Early-Career Science Seminar Series 2: Atmospheric Chemistry


  • Alyssa Stansfield (alyssa.stansfield@stonybrook.edu)
  • Benjamin Nault (bnault@aerodyne.com)
  • Arianna Valmassoi (avalmass@uni-bonn.de)
  • Piyush Patel (piyushkumar.n.patel@jpl.nasa.gov)
  • Paul Newman (paul.a.newman@nasa.gov)


  • Minghao Qiu (mhqiu@stanford.edu) - Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Evaluating Trends in Air Quality Under Changing Meteorological Conditions
  • Daniele Visioni (dv224@cornell.edu) - Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering: Understanding and Reducing Model Uncertainty
  • Michael Cheeseman (cheesemanmj@gmail.com) - Strong Disparities in Air Pollutants across Racial, Ethnic, and Poverty Groups at US Public Schools
  • Ritesh Gautam (rgautam@edf.org)

Early-Career Science Seminar Series 1: Physics and Dynamics

  • Yi Zhang, Earth and Planetary Science & Miller Institute, UC Berkeley: "An Upper Bound for Extreme Temperatures over Midlatitude Land"
  • Emmanuel O. Akinlabi, Dept. of Earth and Environment, Boston University: "The Relevance of Dispersive Fluxes Within and Over Real Urban Canopy: A Large-Eddy Simulation Study"
  • Victoria Schoenwald, University of Miami RSMAS: "Sea Level Rise Acceleration Along the East Coast of North America"