Kaufman Award

The Atmospheric Sciences Section of the American Geophysical Union established the Yoram J. Kaufman Outstanding Research and Unselfish Cooperation Award in 2009. This award is named in honor of Yoram J. Kaufman, an outstanding atmospheric scientist, mentor, and creator of international collaborations who worked on atmospheric aerosols and their influence on the Earth’s climate for his entire 30-year career. Yoram was tragically killed in a bicycle accident just at the peak of his career at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He grew in the 1990s to be a leading light in aerosol research, both as an author of many new theoretical ideas and as a leader of field campaigns like SCAR-B. He also captained the first NASA Earth Observing System platform, Terra, as its Project Scientist. He advised and mentored a large number of students and junior scientists, and was known for his quick insight, great heart, deep wisdom, and outreach to national and international collaborators.

The award citation reads: “The Yoram J. Kaufman Award for broad influence in atmospheric science through exceptional creativity, inspiration of younger scientists, mentoring, international collaborations, and unselfish cooperation in research.” The Kaufman Award consists of a certificate, $1,000, and dinner at the Section Banquet at the Fall Meeting, where the award will be presented. When the award is presented to a scientist from outside the U.S., it will consist in addition of a travel grant of $500 specifically to attend the AGU meeting at which it is presented.

Nominations are accepted annually by the deadline: March 27 2024. To be eligible, the candidate must be a member of the AGU, and be at least ten years past the award of the Ph.D. (or equivalent). The nomination package must consist of:

  • A nomination letter (2 page maximum)
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae (2 page maximum)
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a collaborator of the nominee from a different nation (2 page maximum)

The nomination and supporting letters should clearly state how the nominated individual has exhibited the qualities noted in the citation. Nominations must be submitted online via the AGU website by April 12.

Yoram J. Kaufman

Yoram J. Kaufman


Please contact the Award Committee Chair, James Hurrell.

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