Peripheral Meeting Requests

Deadline: Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 11:59 PM ET

Submit your Peripheral Meeting Request here.

AbSciCon Peripheral Policy
Meetings held in conjunction with AbSciCon 2019 must meet certain criteria in order to garner the resource support of AbSciCon.


Criteria for Meeting Space Requests

  • Must not be an independent science session to be held within the scope of AbSciCon 2019.
  • Must discuss science or mission planning activities, education/public outreach activities, or business matters of mission activities
  • Are not scheduled during the regular technical sessions of AbSciCon 2019


Peripheral meetings will only be scheduled between the afternoon of Saturday, 22 June and Friday, 28 June 28, 2019.

Questions should be directed to Heather Nalley.


All requests must be submitted by the Wednesday, 20 March deadline. Requests received after this time will be placed on a waiting list and will only be considered if space is available.