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Sign up as OSPA Judge for Tectonophysics Student Presentations!

By Donna Shillington posted 12-03-2021 14:39

Please sign up to serve as an OSPA Judge for Tectonophysics student presentations! The OSPA program ensures that student presenters have the chance to engage with scientists at the meeting and receive constructive feedback on their presentations.  The success of the Outstanding Student Presentation Awards relies on the quality of the volunteers.  
It would be great if you could judge one or more presentations.  Judging a student presentation takes ~15-20 minutes of your time, including both viewing the presentation and submitting scores online. The hybrid format makes OSPA judging more flexible than in the past.  Judges can watch talks online at any time or arrange times to meet with poster presenters.

Visit the OSPA website to volunteer as a judge and for instructions on serving as a judge: