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  • Dear AGU community, We invite you to join a special collection for the Earth and Space Science (ESS) journal open to all 25 AGU sections, entitled " The Power of Many: Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated, Coordinated, Open, and Networked ...

  • Hi all, The AGU meeting is going into the third week. Last week was packed with excellent talks and posters, along with a wonderful and moving EPSP award ceremony during the annual Business Meeting. It was recorded and will be available soon, in case ...

  • Hi all, We hope you are having a great meeting so far. Here are some announcements and clarifications related to all the EPSP events on Thursday afternoon/evening this week. best, Dorothy, Gordon, Kimberly and Noah Thursday, December 10, ...

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  • This Thursday and Friday, participate in two zoom 'watch parties' for talks in the "Aeolian Processes on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies" session at this year's AGU. At each watch party we'll play all the talks in that oral session and have live ...

  • GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) Project presents the mini-course: Teaching about  Measuring Water Resources with GPS, Gravity, and Traditional Methods   [Majors-level module] Date: Wednesday November 4, 2020 Time: 12-2 pm PT ...


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