Developing a Methodology for Measuring Changes in Albedo to Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect

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Signup Deadline: 12-31-2019
Starts: 01-01-2020
Ends: 12-31-2020
Location: 123 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 volunteer opportunity location


Thriving Earth Exchange helps scientists and communities form collaborative, impactful partnerships. Community science projects launched through Thriving Earth Exchange use science to advance community priorities and are part of a growing movement toward engaged, community-driven science.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following project in Cambridge, MA:

The City of Cambridge is seeking a scientist(s) whose role is to develop a methodology to track changes in albedo over time to enable evaluation of whether the City is successfully reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. The community stresses the importance of having a scientist who is capable of applying their working knowledge of physical science in the context of city planning and urban sustainability. This scientist must be able and willing to communicate the methodology that they create to multiple audiences. Through presentations, webinars, and reports, the scientist(s) should be able to distill information down in a digestible way so that the methodology can be replicated at large by various community collaborators and partners.

Read more about the project on the Thriving Earth Exchange website.

Desired Skills and Expertise

  • Knowledge and experience in urban climatology and/or geography
  • Knowledge of city planning and urban sustainability
  • Understanding of the processes and dynamics of a city
  • Experience with collaborating with municipalities or government agencies
  • Working knowledge of climate change adaptation efforts
  • Proactive and capable of moving the project along without pressure
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Comfortable with presenting information to a lay audience
  • Comfortable with distilling complex information into digestible formats
  • Passionate about climate change adaptation
  • Willingness to connect science to local concerns
  • Desire to present methodology to community and beyond (in person and virtually)


Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience


Melissa Goodwin
American Geophysical Union