NTF Members

NTF Chairs

Elizabeth MacDonald, 2017/2018

Amy Keesee, 2018/2019

Allison Jaynes, 2019/2020

Michael Hartinger, 2020/2021

Seth Claudepierre (Chair), 2021/2022

Muhammad Fraz Bashir (co-chair), 2021/2022 

*There are many AGU awards/honors committees. Some NTF members participate in some of these committees, but they do not work on NTF nominations relevant to these committees

NTF Members:

B. L. Alterman

Laila Andersson

Muhammad Fraz Bashir

Katrina Bossert

Paul Cassak

Seth Claudepierre

Christina Cohen*

Misa Cowee

Michael Hartinger

Allison Jaynes

Amy Keesee

John Leibacher

Mike Liemohn

Ryan McGranaghan

Doga Ozturk

Victor Pinto

Matt Young

Hui Zhang

*Ex Officio


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