Section Support Program

Section Support
Program Overview


The purpose of Section support program is to enhance the support, resources, and guidance provided to AGU Section leaders. Instead of having to navigate through the entire AGU staff to coordinate activities and get access to resources, each section has one key point of contact for all section work and activities.


  • Enhance communication experiences for Section leaders
  • Create synergy between membership and honors teams
  • Reduce response time for section requests

All requests for assistance and section-related questions should be sent to

Example requests: 

  • Sending Newsletters/Announcements
  • Fall Meeting Event Planning
  • Section website questions
  • Quarterly Update Call information
  • Questions about section honors, including creating new section-level honors
  • Other requests/questions as needed 

Joshua McKee

Hannah Hoffman

Atmospheric and Space Electricity (ASE)

Atmospheric Sciences (AS)

Biogeosciences (B)

Cryosphere (C)

Earth and Planetary Surface
Processes (EPSP)

Education (E)

Geodesy (G)

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism, and
Electromagnetism (GPE)

GeoHealth (GH)

Global Environmental
Change (GEC)

Hydrology (H)

Informatics (I)

Ocean Sciences (OS)

Mineral and Rock
Physics (MRP)

Near Surface Geophysics (NSG)

Nonlinear Geophysics (NG)

Natural Hazards (NH)

Paleoceanography and
Paleoclimatology (PP)

Planetary Sciences (PS)

Seismology (S)

Study of Earth’s Deep
Interior (SEDI)

Science and Society (SAS)

Space Physics
and Aeronomy (SPA)

Tectonophysics (T)

Volcanology, Geochemistry,
and Petrology (VGP)

College of Fellows