AGU NH Group Field Trips

Field Trips

Natural Hazard work often involves on-the-ground field analysis and study. It can often be the most interesting and fulfilling part of our work as scientists. We are hoping to feature more field trips undertaken by our members - if you would be interested in presenting some field work photos and experiences, please do get in touch. 
For AGU Fall Meeting 2019: Visiting the Hayward Fault around the Bay Area

Horst Rademcher of Berkeley Seismological Laboratory led the field trip along the Hayward Fault as it winds through the Berkeley campus, past the Hearst Mining building (that has been base isolated) and the borehole seismic vault, then to the football stadium. The fault runs nearly right down the middle of the football field, cutting a slight diagonal across the gridiron. Elaborate retrofitting has been done in case the HayWired Scenario earthquake, or one like it, happens to rip through during a football game when the stands are full.