Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 9 Dec 2019

Minutes for Unsaturated Zone Technical Committee Meeting

Monday, December 9, 2019, 6:45 am – 7:45 am

Marriott Marquis, Nob Hill A, Lower B2, San Francisco, CA.

Attendees:     Raghavendra Jana, Veronica Morales, Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez, Shahab Karimifard, Thomas Phelan, Kathleen M. Smits, Teamrat A. Ghezzehei, Ian Molnar, Thomas Harter, Bo Gao, Zhen Li, Yusong Li

Membership update: A list of current members is attached at the end of this document. Feel free to recommend new members. AGU recommends rotating off members who did not show up in the committee meeting in the past three years. Emails will be sent out to double-check the membership.

Website:  Great thanks to Raghu for developing the first version of the committee website!

The committee decided to create a communications subcommittee, one director and one associate director, with a one-year overlap between the terms. Current subcommittee officers:

Communications Director: Raghavendra Jana (Term Jan 2019-Dec 2020)

Communications Associate Director: Veronica Morales (Term: Jan 2020 – Dec 2021)

Student members: Zhen Li, Bo Gao, and Shahab Karimifard


Recommendations from student members: 

  • Solicit short updates (several sentences) from committee members quarterly and share them on the website.
    • The committee chair will send out emails to soliciting updates every quarter and students will help synthesize and put onto the website.
  • Recommend the committee use social media.
    • A Twitter account was established shortly after the meeting by Raghu. Those of you on Twitter please follow @unsathydro and tag it on your related tweets.

Mini-award: Two presentations (poster and/or oral) will be selected from the General Vadose Zone Hydrology Session; Session organizers will help select the top three candidates.

Feedback from session conveners on this year’s sessions: Generally all good. Some experienced some issues during the session merge process. Some questions were raised about the standard of the mergers - is it unique to the hydrology section? Concerns will be communicated to the AGU hydrology section.

Recommendations for next year’s sessions:

1. Volunteers to organize the General Vadose Zone Hydrology session:

Ian Molnar, Teamrat Ghezzehei, Raghavendra Jana, and Veronica Morales

Thank you!! The session will continue to have an oral section. Session organizers will also help with the committee's annual award evaluation.

 2. Ideas for 2020 Session proposals:
  • Colloid transport session – suggested to tie-in with Micro/nano-plastics in soils/health

Multiphase flow session

AI/machine learning session – particularly for soil and vadose zone processes

Climate change and groundwater – continue collaboration with groundwater committee

Environmental monitoring - sensors, near-surface measurements.

Vapor transport of VOC - Vapor intrusion; Interaction with land-atmosphere;  gas transport/ VOC/pesticide… / multiphase flow…

Vadose and public heath – emerging contaminants/uptake by crop/ sea

List of Committee Members:

Yusong Li (Chair 2019-2020)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez (Deputy Chair, 2019-2020)

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Teamrat A. Ghezzehei (Past Chair 2017-2018) 

University of California, Merced

Communication Director: Raghavendra (Raghu) Jana (Term Jan 2019-Dec 2020)

Communication Associate Director: Veronica Morales (Term: Jan 2020 – Dec 2021)

Committee Members