Steering Committee

The GeoHealth Section has established a Steering Committee of distinguished GeoHealth experts, that will provide strategic advice to the Section. The Steering Committee has six principal functions:

  1. to provide advice to the Executive Committee on the strategic vision of the GeoHealth Section;
  2. to advocate for the GeoHealth Section, expanding participation via awareness-raising in the leadership and membership of other Professional Societies, and in academic institutions;
  3. to spot emerging GeoHealth issues and identify areas for future Section focus;
  4. to advise the Section on addressing issues of diversity and racism, both as an internal challenge for the field and as a motivating concern for our research;
  5. to assist the Executive Committee in promoting the work of the GeoHealth Section beyond AGU, through engaging proactively with policymakers, businesses, regulators, scientific institutions, educators, and NGOs at international, national, and regional levels;
  6. to provide advice and assistance in identifying and securing financial resources for the GeoHealth Section.

Claire Horwell
Claire Horwell - CHAIR
Institute of Hazard, Risk & Resilience, Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University

Chris McEntee
Past-CEO AGU (2010-2020)

Paloma Beamer
Associate Professor, Public Health
University of Arizona
President, International Society of Exposure Science

Rita Colwell
Distinguished Professor, Microbiology
University of Maryland/John Hopkins
Past Director of NSF
Founding editor of GeoHealth journal
Past Chair of BoG of American Academy of Microbiology
Past president of AAAS, Washington Academy of Sciences, American Society for Microbiology, IUMS, AIBS 

Aubrey Miller
Senior Medical Advisor, NIEHS
Past- President AGU GeoHealth
Formerly at CDC, NIOSH, HHS, EPA, FDA

Wassila Thiaw
International Desk Team Lead in NOAA's Climate Prediction Center

Jalonne White-Newsome - Currently on leave
The Kresge Foundation
George Washington University 
National Academy of Sciences Board on Environmental Change and Society
Board of US Climate Action Network
Health Environmental Funder's Network Steering Committee
Urban Water Funder's Group

Ester Sztein
Acting Director, Board on International Scientific OrganizationsDeputy Director, Board on Research Data and InformationThe National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Dennis Stolle
Senior Director - Office of Applied Psychology

American Psychological Association


Ben Zaitchik

Senior Director - Office of Applied Psychology

American Psychological Association

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