Executive Committee


Susan Annenberg - Secretary

Susan Anenberg
George Washington University
Email: sanenberg@email.gwu.edu
GeoHealth means integrating Earth and health sciences to investigate connections between the natural world, human activities, and public health.



Daniel Tong
George Mason University
Email: qtong@gmu.edu
Geohealth means understanding the impacts of Earth System changes, from both natural and anthropogenic causes, on human and ecosystem health.


Jennifer Stowell

Boston University
Email: stowellj@bu.edu

Past President

Benjamin Zaitchik - President ElectBenjamin Zaitchik
Johns Hopkins University
Email: zaitchik@jhu.edu
GeoHealth means understanding health prospects and outcomes as a function of interacting Earth and human systems.


Awards Committee


Antar Jutla
University of Florida
Email: asjutla@mail.wvu.edu

Meredith Franklin
University of Southern California
Email: meredith.franklin@utoronto.edu

Communications and Outreach Committee


Amy Wolfe
Email: alw.wolfe@gmail.com

Kai Chen
Yale University
Email: kai.chen@yale.edu

Mitra Kashani 
Email: qng4@cdc.gov


Babak Fard
The University of Nebraska Medical Center
Email: babak.jfard@unmc.edu

Early Career Development Committee


Ryan Harp
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Email: ryan.harp@noaa.gov

Allison Baer
University of Maryland
Email: aebaer@umd.edu

Meetings Committee


Azar Abadi
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Email: aabadi@uab.edu

Daniel Tong
George Mason University
Email: qtong@gmu.edu

Morgan Gorris
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Email: mgorris@lanl.gov


Amanda Hoffman-Hall - Early Career / FMPC Lead
Eckerd college
Email: hoffmanhalla@eckerd.edu


Jennifer Stowell - Secretary
Boston University
Email: stowellj@bu.edu


Moiz Usmani
University of Florida
Email: moiz.usmani@ufl.edu

Policy Committee


Michael Wimberly
The University of Oklahoma
Email: mcwimberly@ou.edu

Jenny Bratburd - Early Career
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Email: bratburd@wisc.edu

Diversity Committee



Karin Ardon-Dryer
Texas Tech University
Email: Karin.Ardon-Dryer@ttu.edu

Editor in Chief, GeoHealth Journal

Gabriel Filippelli
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Email: gfilippe@iupui.edu

AGU Section Support

Mark Shimamoto
Global Outreach Programs at American Geophysical Union
Email: mshimamoto@agu.org

Joshua McKee
Section Support Coordinator at American Geophysical Union
Email: agu-sectionhelp@agu.org


Student Representative-at-large

Ufuoma Ovienmhada 

Email: ufuoma@mit.edu

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