The GeoHealth section of AGU aims to nurture transdisciplinary collaborations in order to advance our understanding of the complex interactions between our geospheric environment (including earth, water, soils and air) and the health, well-being, and continued progress of human populations in concert with all ecosystems. Combining expertise across the geo- and health sciences will facilitate advancement toward a healthier and more sustainable future. GeoHealth is broadly defined to fully encompass the expansive spectrum that covers earth and climate dynamics, exposure risks, and health impacts.

The GeoHealth section harnesses the strength of AGU’s vast community of geoscientists (Hydrology, Biogeosciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Global Environmental Change, Seismology, Natural Hazards, Mineralogy, and others) to better understand risk factors, vulnerabilities, and impacts related to health and the environment. In addition, the section reaches beyond the traditional AGU community to engage and partner with other organizations that also focus on promoting health, including leaders in public health, ecology, veterinary and medical sciences, as well as socio-behavioral sciences and public policy.

The GeoHealth section is complemented by AGU’s journal of GeoHealth which provides a collaborative home for disseminating and advancing interdisciplinary research that highlights issues at the intersection of the Earth and environmental sciences, and health sciences.

The section integrates and expands the forum for transdisciplinary exchange and growth of GeoHealth science into AGU’s existing programmatic architecture including Fall Meeting, as well as the Thriving Earth Exchange.

Collectively, these activities will help to elevate the importance of GeoHealth at national and international levels, and strengthen efforts to further innovative research, build infrastructure and capacity, and foster vital collaborations towards safeguarding the Earth and humanity. The Section’s vision for advancing GeoHealth within and beyond AGU are articulated in the GeoHealth Section Strategic Plan.