Claire Horwell - President-ElectClaire Horwell
Institute of Hazard, Risk & Resilience, Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University
Email: claire.horwell@durham.ac.uk
GeoHealth means combining health and Earth sciences knowledge to better predict and mitigate the impacts of our dynamic world.

President Elect

Benjamin Zaitchik - President ElectBenjamin Zaitchik
Johns Hopkins University
Email: zaitchik@jhu.edu
GeoHealth means understanding health prospects and outcomes as a function of interacting Earth and human systems.


Susan Annenberg - SecretarySusan Annenberg
George Washington University
Email: sanenberg@email.gwu.edu
GeoHealth means integrating Earth and health sciences to investigate connections between the natural world, human activities, and public health.

Past President (2017-2019)

Aubrey Miller - PresidentAubrey Miller
National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Email: miller.aubrey@nih.gov
GeoHealth means bringing the richness, diversity, and rigor of our collective expertise to better understand the complex interface between human health and the environment to promote a robust and sustainable future for all.


Honors Sub-Committee


Antar Jutla
University of Florida
Email: asjutla@mail.wvu.edu

Meredith Franklin
University of Southern California
Email: meredith.franklin@usc.edu

Communications and Engagement Sub-Committee


Michael Wimberly
University of Oklahoma
Email: mcwimberly@ou.edu

Amy Wolfe
University of Kentucky
Email: amy.wolfe@uky.edu

Early Career Development Sub-Committee


Franziska Landes
Columbia University
Email: fcl2115@columbia.edu

Meetings Sub-Committee


Daniel Tong
George Mason University
Email: qtong@gmu.edu

Morgan Gorris
University of California, Irvine
Email: mgorris@uci.edu

Jen Stowell
Emory University
Email: jennifer.stowell@emory.edu

Policy & Fundraising Sub-Committee


Lex van Geen
Columbia University
Email: avangeen@ldeo.columbia.edu

Rebecca Rehr
Email: rebecca@ecoamerica.org

Christina Bandaragoda
eScience Institute
Email: cband@uw.edu

Ex-officio members

Gabriel Filippelli
Editor-in-Chief, GeoHealth Journal
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Email: gfilippe@iupui.edu

AGU Staff Ambassadors

Robert Burman
Email: rburman@agu.org
Mark Shimamoto
Email: mshimamoto@agu.org

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