Executive Committee

Founding Officials

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President (2017-2019)

Aubrey Miller - President

Aubrey MillerNational Institutes of Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

GeoHealth means bringing the richness, diversity, and rigor of our collective expertise to better understand the complex interface between human health and the environment to promote a robust and sustainable future for all.

President-elect (2017-2019)

Claire Horwell - President-ElectClaire HorwellInstitute of Hazard, Risk & Resilience, Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University

GeoHealth means combining health and Earth sciences knowledge to better predict and mitigate the impacts of our dynamic world.

Secretary (2017-2019)

Benjamin Zaitchik - Secretary

Benjamin ZaitchikJohns Hopkins University

GeoHealth means understanding health prospects and outcomes as a function of interacting Earth and human systems.

Meetings Sub-Committee


Daniel Tong
George Mason University

Morgan Gorris
University of California, Irvine


Jen Stowell
Emory University

Policy Sub-Committee


Lex van Geen
Columbia University

Rebecca Rehr

Ex-officio members

Gabriel Filippelli
Editor-in-Chief, GeoHealth Journal
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Communications & Engagement Sub-Committee


Michael Wimberly
University of Oklahoma

Amalia Almada
Planetary Health Alliance

AGU Staff Ambassadors

Mark Shimamoto

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Honors Sub-Committee


Geoff Plumlee
United States Geological Survey

Meredith Franklin
University of Southern California