Member Spotlight

Dr. Lin Meng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I got my Ph.D. in Environmental Science & Geology at Iowa State University in 2020. I was a research intern at Oak Ridge National Lab during 2017-2019. I currently study the response of the Amazon tropical rainforest to climate change using field measurements, satellite images, and Earth system models. The Amazon rainforest is one of our greatest natural treasures, yet, it’s burning and disappearing. Although the Amazon is not in my backyard, it always on my mind. I hope my research can contribute to saving the Amazon rainforest. I am also interested in understanding changes in vegetation phenology under environmental changes and urbanization. For the next step of my current work, I will use FATES (a next-generation numerical terrestrial ecosystem model) to simulate changes in Amazon tropical rainforests under a dryer and warmer climate.
Lin Meng