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Welcome to the online learning exchange community

  • 1.  Welcome to the online learning exchange community

    Posted 03-19-2020 13:16

    To assist educators in our community, AGU created this virtual gathering space so you can share tips or ask others for their recommendations. From asking questions about which tool is better for you to finding out how to better engage with students to suggestions to maintain your own well-being, this is your place to talk and network.


    In addition to this Connect page, we also invite you to tell us:



    Don't forget about ESSOAr (, AGU-led community preprint server so you can share your posters and researcher virtually!  


    To keep your social and professional networks active, members and non-members can create profiles so you can find like-minded colleagues or experts in other fields. After logging in to your account, fill out your bio, social media information, organization affiliation, scientific interests and needs from AGU.


    AGU encourages our members and the educational community worldwide to share and learn!


    Please note that any recommendations on this page does not necessarily constitute AGU's support or endorsement.

    Pranoti Asher Ph.D.
    Assistant Director, Grants and Education Programs
    American Geophysical Union