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SY Newsletter: 15 November 2021

By Christopher Hyun posted 11-17-2021 17:44


15 November 2021 | Twitter: AGUSciSociety | Website:

A New Science and Society Team Award!

The Science and SocietY (SY) section leadership is excited to announce the approval of the section’s first honor and AGU’s first team-based award, the “Science for Society Team Award”!

Nominations for the award will begin in the 2022 nomination cycle, which opens in January 2022. Please look for more to come about this opportunity in the months ahead, including requests for nominations for teams for the inaugural year. If you have questions about this award, please contact Chris Clavin, SY Section Executive Committee Honors Coordinator.

AGU Science and Society Section Science for Society Team Award - Open for nominations beginning in January 2022

Award Goal & Scope: The goal of this award is to honor and recognize teams who employ collaborative models of scientific research, demonstrate equitable distribution of the outputs and impacts of research, and elevate efforts to produce and translate scientific knowledge to serve society. This award is unique in that it is tailored to award a team of researchers and their partners representing both scientific and societal interests, with the goal of jointly addressing societal needs. Examples of types of projects that would be eligible for this award include, but are not limited to: citizen science projects, research-to-practice or operations projects and co-production driven research. Nominators should articulate how the team supported the diverse roles of its members, recognizing the value each member plays in informing the scientific process and creation of knowledge. The award recognizes both the scientific knowledge produced and effort and resources needed to ensure it is valued by those best suited to be informed by and use the research products.

Science and Society Career Panel

On Wednesday, 15 December at the AGU Fall Meeting, the Science and Society Student and Early Career Committee is hosting a lunch and panel discussion focused on career paths in applied research and action. Our panelists, mid-career professionals inside and outside academia, will discuss how their careers have unfolded and what keeps them passionate about working at the intersection of science and society. Each speaker will have approximately 10 minutes to present and there will be a 20-minute Q&A, so be sure to come with questions! This session is an in-person lunch so pre-registration is required. If you have questions, please contact Sara Turner who is leading our SY Career Panel this year.

Getting Around in NOLA

We are excited for the Science and Society sessions at the AGU Fall Meeting! For those attending in-person and haven’t been to the New Orleans Convention Center before: it’s nearly a mile from end to end. Our oral sessions will mostly be in rooms 291-292 and 298-299, located at the far end of the building (if entering from the Hilton/Riverwalk). Pack comfortable shoes and give yourself extra travel time if you’re hopping over from other sessions. The Convention Center offers accommodations for those who need assistance navigating the building.

Connect with SY on Social Media

Join the Science and Society community through following our new Twitter account @AGUSciSociety and the new Science and Society video playlist on the AGU YouTube channel.
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