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SY SPOTLIGHT: Calling creatives to Art @ the Science at AGU2021

By Christopher Hyun posted 07-21-2021 14:10


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We invite ARTISTS and CREATIVES both at the AGU 2021 Fall Meeting and in the periphery to experience the science presented at the conference and to gain inspiration for new works or recall related works they have already created. 

Promoting wider sharing and openness, ideas that are celebrated in the arts and design communities, has inspired us to launch AGU Art @ the Science. This collaborative initiative is a new provocative way of engaging media and art to accompany and enrich science. A coalition of the Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST), the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS), and Flourishing Salons are working with scientists and artists worldwide to create a model for engaging artists through scientific conferences and facilitating the convergence of art and science.  

Art @ the Science is a model for engaging creatives through scientific conferences and for facilitating the convergence of art and science, via a social media campaign by creatives posting their works related and in response to the science at the conference. It creates the space, through "living documents," for exchange between the creatives and the scientists and weaves connections along the way. The model recognizes the opportunity of social media to be a different medium of exchange, one outside of the conference meeting rooms where the preconceptions and mindsets are different and perhaps a forum for new discourse. We are in the early stages of planning an in-person event for the AGU 2021 Fall Meeting and welcome your contribution. Please reach out to the Flourishing Salons to learn more, become involved, or to bring this concept to a scientific conference that you will be attending (ryan.mcgranaghan[at]gmail[dot]com).

  • Ryan McGranaghan
    Principal Data Scientist, ASTRA LLC
  • Clio Flego
    Digital Content Curator, Art @ the Science
  • Danielle Siembieda
    Managing/Creative Director, Leonardo/ISAST
  • Kathryn Semmens
    Science Director, Nurture Nature Center
    Art and Science Track Lead, AGU Science and Society Section
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