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Fall Meeting Caregiver Award

Caregiver Conference Support Awards 2021

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Early Career Committee

The AGU Biogeosciences Section Early Career Committee is excited to announce Caregiver Conference Support awards for the 2021 Fall Meeting. The purpose of these awards is to support student and early career members affiliated with the Biogeosciences section who face challenges in attending the Fall Meeting (either in person or online) due to expenses directly related to their responsibilities as the primary caregiver for a child or other dependent. Each grant of $500 can be used toward conference attendance or caregiving expenses such as day-care costs during the conference, flight expenses of the dependent accompanying the awardee to the conference, or temporary caregiver fees related to conference attendance.

Applications due by October 29th, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.

Who’s eligible?

For these awards, early career is defined as either currently a student or less than ten years since earning their last degree. Time spent not working actively in a scientific field (for example, time away from scientific work due to family responsibilities) does not count toward the ten-year limit. Please explain any career breaks in your CV and/or statement. Applicants must also have Biogeosciences listed as their primary section affiliation to be eligible. Additionally, participants must be a first author presenting in a poster or oral session. Both in person and online attendees are eligible to apply for this award.

Application instructions

To apply, fill out an application form by following the link below.

Applications will be evaluated by the AGU-Biogeosciences early career committee and will be ranked based on the applicant’s need for support as it is impacted by their role as a caregiver and the potential for the support to enhance their scientific career. Statements which address the applicant’s caregiver duties as they relate to conference attendance will be ranked favorably. We anticipate providing up to six awards.

Applications must be received by October 29th, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.