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Caregiver Grant 2022

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Early Career Committee

The AGU Biogeosciences Section Early Career Committee is excited to announce Caregiver Conference Support awards for the 2021 Fall Meeting. The purpose of these awards is to support student and early career members affiliated with the Biogeosciences section who face challenges in attending the Fall Meeting (either in person or online) due to expenses directly related to their responsibilities as the primary caregiver for a child or other dependent. Each grant of $500 can be used toward conference attendance or caregiving expenses such as day-care costs during the conference, flight expenses of the dependent accompanying the awardee to the conference, or temporary caregiver fees related to conference attendance.

Applications due by August 17th, 2022 at 11:59 pm ET.

Recipients attending Fall Meeting (in-person or virtually)

This award is open to all virtual and in-person attendees with caregiving responsibilities. A grant of $500 USD will be disbursed to cover costs associated with attending Fall Meeting. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, travel for partners/children/caregivers, special housing accommodations, dependent care including tutoring, daycare, etc. In-person attendees are encouraged to participate in the Biogeosciences Section-wide events at the Fall Meeting.

Criteria and Requirements

The AGU Biogeosciences Caregiver Grants, made on behalf of the Early Career Committee, are reserved for applicants who are the primary caregiver for a dependent (e.g., child, elderly person, disabled person), have financial need, and who may otherwise not have the opportunity to attend the meeting without extra support. Qualified applicants will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  1. Are a current AGU member or will be an AGU member before receipt of the Award
  2. Have submitted a Fall Meeting abstract (must include abstract reference number in the application)
  3. Be the presenting author at the Fall Meeting
  4. Have caregiving responsibilities that make attending AGU Fall Meeting additionally financially burdensome
  5. Demonstrate active involvement and contributions to the Fall Meeting program

Career stage, with preference to early career members (<10 years from receiving terminal degree). Note that AGU also hosts a travel grant program for students.

Case Example 1.

Grant Recipient A has a child and would like to attend the Fall Meeting in person but does not have regular childcare. Using this grant would allow them to hire childcare or pay for their partner to travel with them to care for the child during the meeting. 

Case Example 2.

Grant Recipient B has a live-in parent with limited mobility who needs their support. They cannot travel and need to hire extra caregiver help at home to be able to attend sessions and the meeting remotely.

Application Instructions

To apply, fill out an application form by following the link below. The application includes demographic information, contact information, your abstract information, and a budget for how the funds will be used.