Early Career Resources

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate Early Career Resources and Events

PP Section ECR Working Group:

Ongoing initiatives

  • Online Mentoring/Networking beginning March 2024, please email agupaleoecrs@gmail.com
  • Join a list for opportunities to review papers in Paleo, please see AGU Connect discussion post/library.
  • If you'd like to join our working group, please email agupaleoecrs@gmail.com


Social Media updates:

The ECR Working Group Executive Team:

  • Chair: Annie Tamalavage
  • Co-Chair: Chloe Anderson
  • Resources Chair: Christopher Kinsley
  • Networking Chair: Jonas Donnenfield
  • Communications Chair: Lauren Haygood
  • DEI Chair: Danielle Schimmenti
  • Awards Chair: Xiaojing Du