Early Career Resources

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate Early Career Resources and Events

PP Section ECR Working Group Objective:

Our broad mission is to: 1) cultivate an inclusive and accessible community of ECRs and colleagues in paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, 2) advocate for equitable representation and continued support for paleo ECRs within the geosciences and AGU, 3) provide and communicate resources that amplify paleo ECR voices and promote action and positive community building


If you are interested in joining the ECR Working Group, click here to sign up.


Annually, we will have a presence at the Fall Meeting and also host a virtual networking event. Please follow our twitter @AGU_PaleoECRs or look out for AGU Connect messages (you can receive AGU connect messages in your email inbox by setting email preferences in your AGU Profile).

If you have any questions about our events or need assistance on things related to being an ECR in Paleo at AGU, please reach out to ehe PP Early Career Working Group Chair, Annie Tamalavage, via email or direct message on Twitter or AGU Connect.

Email: a.tamalavage@gmail.com

The ECR Working Group Executive Team:

  • Chair: Annie Tamalavage
  • Co-Chair: Chloe Anderson
  • Resources Chair: Christopher Kinsley
  • Networking Chair: Jonas Donnenfield
  • Communications Chair: Lauren Haygood
  • DEI Chair: Danielle Schimmenti
  • Awards Chair: Xiaojing Du