Bullard Lecture

Edward Bullard Lecture (2002-present)

  • Barbara A. Maher, "Environmental (Geo)magnetism: Innovative Problem-Solving, from Paleoclimates to Pollution, Via Ubiquitous Magnetic Particulates, Natural and Anthropogenic, 2021
  • Andrew P. Roberts, "Mineral Magnetism: Some Surprises And Future Challenges", 2020
  • Gauthier Hulot, “Observing, Understanding and Predicting the Earth's Magnetic Field: Successes and Challenges,” 2019
  • Lisa Tauxe, “Hunting the Magnetic Field,” 2018
  • Kenneth Kodama, “Determining the Accuracy of Paleomagnetic Remanence and High-Resolution Chronostratigraphy for Sedimentary Rocks using Rock Magnetics,” 2017
  • Nils Olsen, “From Oersted to Swarm,” 2016
  • Steven Constable, “Water and Electricity Do Mix: Studying Plates, Petroleum, and Permafrost using Marine Electromagnetism,” 2015
  • Catherine Johnson, “Mercury’s Magnetic Field,” 2014
  • Steven C. Cande, “Kinematic constraints on the forces driving the rapid motion of India in the Late Cretaceous and early Cenozoic,” 2013
  • Kathy Whaler, “Magnetotelluric studies in East Africa,” 2012
  • David Dunlop, “Rock Magnetism: Successes and Mysteries,” 2011
  • Andrew Jackson, “Geomagnetic Secular Variation as a Window on the Dynamics of Earth’s Core,” 2010
  • Suzanne A. McEnroe, “Rocks that remember,” 2009
  • James E.T. Channell, “Excursions and paleointensity: integration of magnetic and oxygen isotope stratigraphies,” 2008
  • Peter Olson, “On the trail of Bullard’s dynamo,” 2007
  • Daniel Lathrop, “Building laboratory models of planetary cores,” 2006
  • Cor Langereis, “The recording of the ancient geomagnetic field,” 2005
  • John Tarduno, “Hot spot motion, scales of mantle convection, and the long-term history of the geodynamo,” 2004
  • Jeremy Bloxham, “Progress towards understanding the geodynamo from observations and numerical models,” 2003
  • Vincent Courtillot, “Plumes and Earth’s dynamic history: from core to biosphere,” 2002

Allan Cox Lecture (1988-2001)

  • K.A. Hoffman, “Paleomagnetic observations of reversals: the search for systematics,” 2001
  • R.S. Coe, “Understanding geomagnetic reversals,” 2000
  • D. Gubbins, “Waves in the core,” 1999
  • D. V. Kent, 1998
  • R. Van der Voo, 1997
  • N. D. Opdyke, 1996
  • W. Lowrie, 1995
  • S. Banerjee, 1994
  • M. McElhinny, 1993
  • E. Irving, 1992
  • R. T. Merrill, 1991
  • M. Fuller, 1990
  • K. M. Creer, 1988