Past Sessions

Fall Meeting 2017 Overview

Program Committee: Lesley Wyborn, Jane Hart and Mark Parsons

ESSI schedule

The good news:

  1. In May, ESSI received 63 session proposals, up from 45 last year – an increase of 40% (not all of these went ahead)
  2. This year ESSI received 729 abstracts – up from 614 last year – an increase of ~18.7 %
  3. ESSI was awarded 35 oral sessions – up from 25 last year – an increase of ~40%
  4. This year’s oral allocation also includes five eLightnings – which we did not have last year (ESSI had the most eLightnings – other sections did not try this format). Please try and get to at least one of these and provide feedback to me on how you think this new format can be improved as AGU is keen to have more of these next year.
  5. We also accepted 3 panels this year, where every speaker in the session has ‘invited author’ status.
  6. We have 10 posters-only sessions.
  7. Our ESSI highlight sessions: the Leptoukh lecture on Wednesday at 4.00 and our Union on Thursday at 8 do not have anything else scheduled in these time slots (hint, hint!)
  8. The 4 Data Fair Town halls are on the attached program – note they are at 18:15 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and at 12:30 on the Wednesday.
  9. We have a new theme this year which we have called adoption and adaption. This is mainly on Friday, and the sessions have interesting societal applications of informatics, including the ‘water-energy nexus’ and ‘where we live and work’.
  10. Machine Learning/Deep Learning has certainly hit the 2017 program with a vengeance – it was the biggest increase in any theme on the 2016 program (the other big increases were in FAIR, Repositories & Data Storage and Adoption & Adaption).

The not so good news:

  1. With so many additional abstracts and sessions this year we could not avoid clashes, and concurrent sessions are the rule for almost every timeslot (sorry if there are any bad clashes for you)
  2. We divided the program into themes and then tried to have specific themes per day as we did last year. However, try as we may, we could not do that, so this year you just have a dominant theme of the day!

The increased number of abstracts for ESSI was one of the highest across AGU. Overall, the total number of abstracts for AGU decreased from 22,770 in 2016 to 22,236 in 2017 (a decrease of 2.3%).

Recordings from AGU On Demand

A complete list of AGU On Demand videos can be found on their YouTube channel. Below are the ESSI On Demand sessions from 2017.

Events outside of the Science Program

  • ESSI Early Career/Student Networking Mixer – OPEN TO ALL ESSI members
    • ESSI hosted an event to foster engagement with our Early Career and Student members. Seasoned ESSI members attended to network with the Early Career and Student members. The event included our traditional meeting activities and the ‘5 words from our leadership’ presentation. This years five words were: “Data is hot, ESSI rocks”.
  • Earth and Space Science Informatics Section Reception (Mardi Gras World)
    • AGU held a joint Section reception at the Mardi Gras World. It was open to the more than 4,000 colleagues from 12 different sections and sections. ESSI was co-located with the Nonlinear Geophysics and the Near Surface Sections.
  • IgniteAGU! a co-sponsored ESSI and ESIP event
    • NASA’s Applied Sciences Program – in partnership with AGU’s Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) group and the ESIP Federation – co-sponsored IgniteAGU 2017 at the Fall AGU meeting. Ignite (, is a concept created by O’Reilly Media which provides presenters a strict presentation format – five minutes and 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds – to make their point. Enlighten us, but make it quick!



What would you like to get out the AGU 2016 Fall Meeting? Do you have research you would like to share? Topics you would like to explore? Now is your chance to effect that by proposing a session for the meeting.

The deadline is one week away (4/20/2016).

We have created a web page to help community members organize their sessions.

A couple of points about sessions:

  • Note that oral sessions formats are not limited to simply 15 minute presentations. Other possible formats include panel discussions and lightning presentations of less than seven minutes. Further information about proposing such a session is provided below from the Fall Meeting Program Committee.
  • One may also propose a Union session, which is for topics with a broad interest beyond a single section
  • More information is here about types of sessions is here.
  • Sessions may be “collaborative”, i.e., they may be co-organized, cross-listed, co-sponsered, or a SWIRL. To help distinguish these concepts, AGU has created a flow chart to help proposers navigate the concepts and the submission process.
  • Other session submission info is available here.


Schedule of ESSI sessions

Here are a few highlights:

  • Poster Flashmob Monday from 3-3:40
  • Poster Flashmob Tuesday at 10am (Collaborations and Partnerships in Informatics)
  • Poster Flashmob Wednesday from 4-4:30pm (Data Science Careers: A Sampling of Successful Strategies, Pitfalls, and Persistent Challenges)
  • Leptoukh Lecture MW3014 Tuesday, 14:40 – 15:40: Toward a Digital Resilience (with a Dash of Location Enlightenment) Dawn J Wright, Environmental Systems Research Institute
  • Earth and Space Science Informatics Section Business Meeting/Reception Tuesday 6:30pm at Infusion Lounge 124 Ellis Street


2012 Fall Meeting – U32A – Towards a Global Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences

Peter Fox, RPI

  • Introductory Remarks

Paul Edwards, University of Michigan

Stefano Nativi, National Research Council of Italy

Tony Hey, Vice President, Microsoft Research

The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery