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AGU Fellow and Franklin Lecture nominations, Early-Career updates, etc.

Note the following announcements:

1. NOMINATIONS FOR AGU FELLOWS are underway and are due March 15. To read about the Fellows process or submit a nomination, go to

2. NOMINATIONS FOR THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LECTURE are also open, due April 15. This is a major and wide-audience lecture given every two years. More information is at

3. A STUDENT/EARLY CAREER INITIATIVE is moving forward, thanks to Sonja Behnke, per the recent announcement. However, it is not too late to volunteer your ideas, or your time (or both).  Reach out to Sonja if interested.  (Sonja's contact info is on the Leadership info page.)

4. QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS about AGU or about our section, please do not hesitate to reach out ASE president Morris Cohen.  March 4 and 5 AGU holds its next Council meeting, which David Smith and Morris Cohen will attend, and it is a good forum to bubble up any wider concerns from ASE to the broader AGU leadership.  (Morris's contact info is on the Leadership info page.)