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Announcing the ASE Early-Career Initiative

The ASE section is pleased to announce a new student/early-career engagement initiative that will be led by our section secretary, Sonja Behnke. We write to ask for anyone interested to serve with her, volunteer, or suggest ideas. The goal here is to both connect student/early career members and provide some professional development, and to do so in an engaging manner.

We may convene this as a formal committee, or just have some ad hoc volunteers leading different initiatives. We welcome help, but even if you can’t volunteer, we want your ideas, whether or not you are a student/early career member. We are happy to support whatever comes out of this and/or go get resources to support it.

Sonja has a few ideas, but we would like for this to be grass roots. The charter for this is unwritten and the possibilities are limited currently only by what you can imagine. So please contact the ASE leadership to get involved. Many thanks to Sonja for her energy and initiative toward this effort.