Online engagement: Expanding your online presence

When most of us think of "online engagement", we automatically go to social media and platforms like Twitter and Facebook. While such platforms are a big part of being online, they're not the only part of it. In this Sharing Science webinar, as part of the "How to: Skills for the Complete Scientist" series, learn about value of online networking, a personal and/or lab website, the value (and necessity) of shameless self-promotion, and more.

If you missed the webinar and want to see it in full, you can find it below. If you only have <10 minutes but still want to get the main points, check out the animated version!
Maybe you're super crunched for time and only want the take-home messages. Well, find them below with animations from our own Olivia V Ambrogio!
And finally, check out our wrap-up infographic!