The original iteration of the Sharing Science Network, AGU’s Expert Outreach Network (or, AEON), was created to offer AGU members who wanted to share their science more opportunities to do so, and to give them more support communicating their science. It was one-on-one – folks in the network could contact us in Sharing Science about a science communication opportunity they had, e.g. talking with a reporter, and we’d offer advice and tools to make sure that the interview went well.

Over time, AEON shifted to the Sharing Science Network to include more than just AGU members and research scientists. The Network grew to include members from across many scientific disciplines, at different career stages, and in different scientific professions (e.g. researchers, science writers, communicators, policy advisors, etc.). We expanded the Sharing Science program and Network benefits so that members could learn about the science of scicomm, be the first to know about upcoming webinars and workshops, continue to have access to the AGU Sharing Science team as one-on-one consultants, and more.

In 2018, AGU launched AGU Connect, an online platform available to all AGU members as a home to discuss any and all things science. All AGU members have access to the platform and can join multiple communities. A benefit of being a Sharing Science Community member is inclusion in the AGU Connect Sharing Science community – an online space just for Sharing Science members where you can not just hear from us but have the chance to talk with other scientists and scicomm professionals who support and value communication, outreach, and policy work as part of the scientific endeavor. We know that it’s sometimes hard to find others at your institutions who appreciate the importance of engaging in science communication: that’s why we’ve brought you together, online, from all over.

If you're not a member of our community, consider joining, and we look forward to interacting with you!