Congressional Visits

Visiting Congressional Representatives

In conjunction with AGU’s Public Affairs Office, the Planetary Sciences Section is starting a new program where graduate students and post-docs (and early career faculty, if interested) will visit their congressional representative's local office to talk about their research and advocate for continued planetary science funding. Similar to AGU's Congressional Visits Day, this will be an opportunity to meet lawmakers and take an active role in the legislative process. Planetary scientists are fortunate to be in a discipline that has broad bipartisan support, and members of Congress are generally excited to meet students and learn about the research that is happening in their districts.

The Details

AGU will provide training webinars and materials, and can also help to pair up students with their university’s government relations office (as well as other resources). We are aiming to have a live webinar for training in April/May, and visits would occur during the congressional recesses in August and October.

We will plan to hold a webinar sometime this spring to help students prepare for and navigate a district visit. The webinar will provide information on:

  • Scheduling and preparing for a district visit with your lawmaker
  • How to have a successful meeting
  • Communicating with your lawmaker
  • How to effectively follow-up and begin to build a relationship with your lawmaker


Please contact Alex Morgan with the following information to sign up:

  • Name
  • Status (graduate student, post-doc, etc)
  • Affiliation
  • State
  • District (find yours here)
  • To ensure that the webinar is properly tailored to the audience:
    On a scale of 1 to 5 how comfortable do you consider yourself with speaking to lawmakers? (5 being “very comfortable”)
  • Any specific topics you would like to discuss?


Here are some resources from AGU to help scientists and students gain some substantive background knowledge about science policy.

  • Position Statements and Letters: Find out where AGU stands on important policy issues and read about AGU’s view on pieces of current legislation affecting science.
  • AGU Action Center: A fast and simple way to contact your legislators about science policy issues that you care about.
  • Webinars: AGU hosts multiple science policy webinars each year to give you information about federal science funding, legislation, and other critical issues
  • Current Federal Science Funding: Recaps of important federal funding milestones starting in 2014.
  • Science Policy Alerts: Sign up to have important, timely information sent directly to your inbox.
  • The Bridge Blog: Read posts about a broad range of science policy issues. You can even become a contributor.
As a scientist, the research you do has incredible value to society. One important way to share your science broadly and help others is to be involved in science policy. Please contact for additional information or if you have any questions.

A live webinar with AGU's Public Affairs director will take place Friday, May 27th 2pm ET.

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