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“The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom Book Review Writing 

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom is a fictional book published in the year 2003.

According to cheap custom essay writing services the book relates a story of a nobleman by the name Eddie who lives a complete life and dies at the age of 83 years (Albom, 2003). However, Eddie doesn’t realize that he lived a full life on earth.

A book have 4 major topics and themes which are prevalent:

1. Our life does not have random acts
2. The topic of sacrificing ones lives to save the majority lives

3. Forgiving and forgetting after forgiving
4. The power of love

The major theme of the book is that life does not have random acts.

The author develops this theme through Eddie’s life episodes. The theme is particularly revealed when Eddie is in heaven. During his young age, Eddie does not know the Blue Man, but Eddie turns out to be the cause of the Man’s death (Albom, 2003). If Eddie’s ball does not bounce into the street, he would not have ran after it towards Blue Man’s car. In turn, Blue Man would not have been nervous about hitting Eddie and thus, he would not have caused the accident that killed him. Similarly, Eddie meets his demise when Nicky drops a key into the Free Fall, which causes the fall of the cart that kills Eddie when trying to save a little girl (Albom, 2003). Nicky neither knows Eddie nor does he know that his key causes Eddie’s death. However, it is justifiable to assume that Eddie will be among the five people that Nicky meets in heaven after his death. The author uses original themes to develop the plot of his book. This assertion is true because the author introduces an entirely new idea of life after death and connects it to human beings’ lives.


A Brief Book Summary

 The book narrates a story of a nobleman by the name Eddie who lives a complete life and dies at the age of 83 years in a fatal accident. However, Eddie doesn’t realize that he lived his full life on earth and thus feels shortchanged and when in heaven he wonders about the meaning of his life (Albom, 2003). He meets five people who help him in accepting his life the way he lived it and also assists him in finding some peace for the future. He remembers some of the people he meets in heaven, but some just pass by and leaves no intense feeling on him. Every individual he meets teaches him a lesson and makes clear the significance of the lesson in both lives; heavenly and earthly (Albom, 2003).

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