“Call for Innovations” Deadline: 15 November 2018, 11:59 P.M. ET

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE GUIDELINES below to ensure that you have not missed important information that may affect your submission.

Submit Now

There are several reasons you should contribute. 

  1. Submissions will be available to all participants as early as possible, allowing all to be introduced to your work prior to the Idea Expo.
  2. All submissions will be included in the meeting app and authors will have the opportunity to provide an ePoster of their submission as well.
  3. We anticipate publishing a summary that will capture the stories and ideas presented and discussed throughout the meeting
  4. This is your opportunity to share your story. What are your biggest accomplishments, or barriers, on bridging geoscience and policy?  What insights can you share to or gain from your fellow attendees?

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together scientists and administrators from many sectors to identify bridges with the geosciences that will allow us to enhance international and intercultural collaboration.  We hope to provide answers to these two questions:

  • What specific actions can this group of diverse stakeholders take now to improve collaboration, increase transparency, and provide a framework on how the geosciences can benefit the public good?
  • Can we structure a model of how development/re-development in the geosciences can be facilitated that is applicable to many situations and locations and that adequately addresses human health, social justice, environmental health, and natural resource issues?


Collectively, we will work toward answers for these big-picture questions by addressing issues and deficits at a smaller scale first, building upon our individual experiences and wisdom.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that this conference is not a typical conference, and instead of a traditional “Call for Abstracts” the organizers have chosen to establish a “Call for Innovations”

The intent of the meeting is to bring together people who can share their insight and experiences to cultivate innovative solutions. We will meet, share, and interact in an Idea Expo environment where everyone can present a poster, which highlights relevant case studies, creative solutions, or informative background information. For this meeting, we are breaking away from the traditional model of scientific presentations and instead using the Idea Expo and workshops to capitalize on the creative expertise in the room and foster conversations and strategies.

For the “Call for Innovations”, your submission (see attached example) can be an abstract-length position statement addressing:

  • The goals of the conference;
  • Ideas that you have that might apply to the goals;
  • Something else you would like to share with the group, such as a description of your current research or field of interest as it applies to the goals of the meeting, or;
  • A description of the group you represent, and/or what you hope the meeting will achieve.

Participants will be asked to select one or two (of four) themes.  The four themes for the workshops are:

  • Energy and Minerals Sustainability
  • Climate Change and Ocean Health and Habitat
  • Water and Agricultural Production and Sustainability
  • Hazards, Human Health, and Social Justice

During the theme workshops, we will share experiences and insights to identify the barriers to better collaboration and what we must change to address the common good.  We’ll consider:

  • How we can work better locally or regionally to effect positive change.
  • How can we work together across borders more effectively.
  • What the economic benefits will be from addressing these problems.
  • What we can do to advance social justice and ethical activity.
  • What policy/regulatory changes will be necessary, and who will need to make them.
  • How we can finance work beyond a business-as-usual approach.

Which theme you choose is not important; they are broad on purpose.  What is critical is your contribution to the whole.  We don’t expect you to stay with one theme for the entire time; instead, we encourage you to move around to see what others are thinking.

 We hope everyone will submit their ideas for innovations, but it is not a requirement of registration.