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AGU H039 - Big Data in the Critical Zone – Call for abstracts

  • 1.  AGU H039 - Big Data in the Critical Zone – Call for abstracts

    Posted 3 days ago

    Dear friends and colleagues,

    Working with big data to answer your research questions? We welcome you to present your work in the session "Big Data in the Critical Zone: Deciphering Controls on Hydro-Biogeochemical Processes Across Scales". 

    Invited speakers:

    Dr. Charuleka Varadharajan (LBNL)

    Dr. Brooke Hunter (Yale university)

    Session link (abstract submission):

    Session description:              

    Extending from the top of the canopy to the bottom of circulating groundwater, the Critical Zone (CZ) is shaped by a myriad of hydro-biogeochemical processes. Historically, the long-term and/or large-scale drivers of these processes have remained poorly understood due to data limitations. The increasing availability of CZ data, including datasets that span multiple sites, years, variables, and/or disciplines, has created new possibilities for uncovering CZ processes. "Big data" approaches including machine learning and deep learning can help elucidate controls on surface and subsurface processes across large environmental gradients and illustrate how CZ processes respond to changing climate and land use. Furthermore, such novel techniques enable analysis across large spatiotemporal scales. We welcome contributions that employ a variety of innovative methods including machine learning, deep learning, or other statistical approaches to understand CZ processes using large datasets, particularly using interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary approaches.

    Deadline: 31st July, 2024


    Samuel Shaheen

    Kayalvizhi Sadayappan

    Keira Johnson

    Valerie Smykalov

    Ijaz Ul Haq