Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

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AGU 2024 session: EP018. Fine-grained dispersal systems

  • 1.  AGU 2024 session: EP018. Fine-grained dispersal systems

    Posted 4 days ago

    Dear colleagues, 

    We would like to invite you to consider submitting an abstract to our session at this December's AGU Fall Meeting:

    EP018. Fine-grained dispersal systems: sediment transport mechanics, morphologic expressions, depositional patterns, and climate impact (

    Session ID224379

    Invited Speakers: Paola Passalacqua, The University of Texas at Austin

    Kieran Dunne, Delft University of Technology

    Session description: Fine-grained sediments (consisting of clay, silt, and sand) abound in many types of depositional settings, including fluvial deltaic, coastal, shallow and deep marine, and subglacial environments, as well as lahars and debris flows. Fine-grained sediments can dampen turbulence, alter fluid rheology, and generate hindered or lubricated particle interactions. They also confer cohesiveness and inhibit erosion and hyporheic flow. The resulting complex sediment-fluid interactions affect large-scale morphologic expressions and depositional patterns that are reflected in the stratigraphic record. Furthermore, fine-grained sediments often contain abundant organic matter and adsorb contaminants and pathogens and consequently play a critical role in water quality and the global carbon cycle. This session seeks contributions from studies exploring the movement of fine-grained sediment, the resulting depositional patterns, as well as its impacts on Earth and other planetary surfaces and on the global carbon cycle. We welcome field- and laboratory-based studies, numerical modeling, and theoretical contributions.

    The submission link for our session is here.

    Best wishes,

    Conveners & Chairs:

    Judy Yang (University of Minnesota)

    Ian Bourg (Princeton University)

    Hongbo Ma (Tsinghua University)

    Andrew Manning(Plymouth University & University of Hull)

    Daniel R Parsons (Loughborough University)

    Judy Q. Yang
    McKnight Land-Grant Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
    Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering
    & Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL)
    Group Website: