2021 Fall Meeting Education (ED) Sessions

2021 AGU FM Education Sessions

The Education Section has 49 sessions for the 2021 Fall Meeting that are waiting for you! To help everyone find sessions easily, we developed a rough guide to overarching categories that arose from the sessions themselves. We chose identifiers based on themes we saw in the session descriptions. When session descriptions fit into more than one theme, we indicated the two primary themes that appeared to fit them best (conveners, we hope you agree!). The themes show the range in which education impacts the AGU community – from research to practice, partnership building to workforce development – the Education Section has a strong foothold at the Fall Meeting.

A few notes to consider:
ER (Earth and Space Science Education Research) has historically been small and lonely within AGU, and the new Section seeks to remedy that situation. We are hoping to grow this research-based theme in coming years.

SP (SPecial Sessions) is a broad umbrella that includes long-running sessions that highlight pre-college and undergraduate student research, as well as sessions that offer non-traditional creative outlets. We also have a new session (ED040) that aligns to our newly established Section award.

We offer kudos to the Climate Literacy community, whose long-standing targeted approach to session submissions elevated this theme. A model to follow for other education community groups!

Please take a look, explore, and share your feedback with us.  We welcome abstract submissions through 4 August 2021.

Tanya Furman (President) and Kristen St. John (President-Elect)

2021 AGU Fall Meeting Education (ED) Sessions


ER  Earth and Space Science Education Research
CI  Curriculum & Instruction
AL  Assessment of Learning
DEI Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
SP  Specials
CL  Climate Literacy/Education
OCP Outreach, Communication & Partnerships 
ET  Education Technology
WD  Workforce Development

2021 Education Sessions
ET  OCP ED001 3D Printing in Earth and Planetary Science Education and Outreach
CI  ET  ED002 Advances in virtual field experiences
ET  OCP ED003 Amazing Technologies and Capabilities That Contribute to STEAM
OCP CI  ED004 Arctic Education & Outreach - Effective ways of engaging diverse learners in Arctic science
AL  CL   ED005 Assessing Climate Change Education: What we Know and What we Need
DEI     ED006 Barriers to Entry for Underrepresented Scholars in Gateway Internship, Scholarship, and Graduate Programs: Opening Doors and Diversifying Programs  
SP      ED007 Bright STaRS: Bright Students Training as Research Scientists Poster Session
CI  WD  ED008 Building programming and computational skills through the geoscience curriculum
DEI OCP ED009 Citizen and Community Science: Facilitating Authentic Science Experiences with Diverse Audiences
CL      ED010 Climate Literacy Initiatives
CL  DEI ED011 Climate Literacy: Building Inclusive Climate Empowerment and Learning Strategies to Accelerate Climate Action in a Changing World
CI      ED012 Creating Authentic STEM Experiences in Schools to Meet the Challenges Facing our Planet
DEI OCP ED013 Cultivating Collaboration: The Practice and Process of Building Equitable and Effective Multi-Institutional STEM Education, Research, and Outreach Teams
DEI CI  ED014 Diverse Voices: Embedding Science Storytelling in Pedagogical Practice
ER      ED015 Earth and Space Science Education Research (ESSER): Methods, Theories, and Findings
OCP CI  ED016 Earth and Space Science Education: Teaching Within and Beyond the Classroom

     ED017 Education Section General Contributions Poster Session

CI      ED018 Experiential Learning Models in the Geosciences
DEI     ED019 Fieldwork Equity: Strategies for Creating Inclusive and Safe Fieldwork Experiences
CI      ED020 From the field, to the lab, to the classroom: Innovative education for the future hydrologist and hydrogeologist
CI  WD  ED021 Geoscience Soft Skills Research and Training
CI  CL  ED022 Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFTs) Climate Change at the Undergraduate Level
ED023 Imagining Ocean Science: Public Engagement Using Visualization and the Arts
DEI     ED024 Inclusivity in Geosciences: A Conversation between Scientists and Educators
WD      ED025 Innovations in Workforce Development for the Space Industry
OCP CI  ED026 Innovative approaches in geoscience education via university-K12 partnerships
OCP WD  ED027 Interdisciplinary identities in geoscience: promoting breadth and depth in scientific endeavors
OCP WD  ED028 Inviting Interdisciplinary Thinking
CI      ED029 Learning by Doing: An Exploration of Experiential Learning Models in the Geosciences
SP      ED030 Performance Art for the Sciences
WD      ED031 Preparing next generation researchers to meet the transdisciplinary challenges of climate change (including MultiSector Dynamics)
AL  CI   ED032 Program Design of Undergraduate Research Internships: Managers’ Insights and Best Practices Shared
OCP CI  ED033 Sharing Best Practices for Space Science Outreach and Engagement
OCP     ED034 Sharing Their Science: Enabling Scientists to Engage Audiences
OCP     ED035 Sharing Your Science: Engaging Diverse Audiences through Communications and Outreach Programs
OCP CL  ED036 Strategies for empowering youth to contribute to climate resilience efforts in their communities
DEI WD  ED037 Supporting the Well-Being of Students and Staff in STEM Professional Learning Programs During a Pandemic and Increased Racist Violence
CI      ED038 Teaching Introduction to Geographic Information Science: Best Practices and Reflections
AL      ED039 The Art and Science of Evaluation of Educational Experiences: Context, Design, Methods, and Measures
SP      ED040 The Dorothy LaLonde Stout Education Lecture
OCP     ED041 The results of the Worldwide upbringing and educational program "PEOPLE ABOVE MONEY"
SP  OCP ED042 The Up-Goer Five Challenge: Making big ideas more simple by talking about them in words we use a lot
AL      ED043 The Value of Undergraduate Research Experiences (UREs): Evaluation and Findings
SP      ED044 Undergraduate Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean, and Space Science Research and Outreach Posters
OCP     ED045 Undergraduate Student-Led STEM Research: Promoting scientific research collaborations between students, scientists, and engineers
OCP     ED046 Solar Eclipses: Opportunities for Science and Education Outreach
WD      ED047 Inspiring, educating and empowering the next generation of Earth and space scientists: A transdisciplinary conversation
CI  WD  ED048 Knowledge transitions for a disaster resilient society
OCP     ED049 Promoting International Projects to Support Geoscience Education