AGU 100


AGU 100


The AGU Centennial Celebration is upon us and will officially kick-off at Fall Meeting 2018 in Washington DC. The Cryospheric Sciences section will celebrate AGU’s Centennial by encouraging our membership to highlight the past 100 years of scientific achievement in Cryospheric Sciences, exploration and change and to set our vision towards the next 100 years. Between Fall Meeting 2018 and Fall Meeting 2019, we are asking all of our members to give a 100 in the CryoGives100 Campaign. Members can either give $100 to support student and early career development within our section for the next 100 years or give 100 minutes of your time towards one of 4 themes: Policy, Education, Outreach, Mentoring. We will be offering plenty of activities for you to contribute your 100 minutes to so watch for emails as we ramp up towards this momentous occasion.

AGU100 Cryosphere Interviews for StoryCorps

Multiple Cryosphere Section members were interviewed by StoryCorps to contribute to AGU Narratives for AGU100. Here are the full interviews documenting our experiences as Cryospheric Scientists. There are even more stories from Cryosphere and others on the AGU Narrative Community.

Dusty Schroeder and Kathy Vega Interview

Dusty Schroeder & Kathy Vega

Listen to Dusty Schroeder and Kathy Vega on being first generation college students in Cryospheric Science.

Zoe Courville and Lora Koenig

Zoe Courville & Lora Koenig

Listen to Zoe Courville and Lora Koenig on being mothers and Cryospheric Scientists.

Robin, Carol and Carol StoryCorpsRobin Bell, Carol Finn & Carol Raymond

Listen to Robin Bell, Carol Finn and Carol Raymond on being pioneering women researchers in the Cryosphere.


AGU Centennial

AGU is on the cusp of an incredible milestone — our 100th anniversary. We started as a small research organization in 1919 and have developed into a unique and influential leader in the Earth and space science community. Now through our Centennial, we step into the next era of scientific discoveries prepared to connect, inspire and amplify the voice and contributions of this community for decades – and even centuries – to come.

More information on ways to get involved in celebrating the AGU Centennial, including AGU Narratives, is available here.

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