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Congratulations to the 2020 ASE Outstanding Student Presentation Award winners

Congratulations to the 2020 ASE section Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) winners:
  • Andre Antunes De Sa (University of Colorado, Boulder): Lightning Geolocation and Classification During the RELAMPAGO Field Campaign
  • Anjing Huang (Duke University): Lightning Initiation from Fast Negative Breakdown is Led by Positive Polarity Dominated Streamers
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Reyann Larkey (Montana State): The Relationship Between Instantaneous Lightning Flash Rates and TGF Production in Thunderstorms
    • Caron Vossen (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich): Extremely Low Frequency Electrical Monitoring of Persistent Explosive Activity of Minamidake Crater (Sakurajima Volcano, Japan)
See the ASE Student Awards page for more information and past winners.